Sandwich Glog Project

Tired of messy physical posters? Introducing Glogs–virtual, interactive posters that don’t take up physical space and are a blast to create. Use this new virtual poster technology with any subject! This lesson is a fast, fun way to teach students about sandwiches and incorporate technology all at the same time!

Time Frame: 1-2 blocks


  • Apply food selection and preparation guidelines related to sandwiches.


  • Ask students to pair up and take out a blank sheet of paper. Give them one minute to list as many sandwiches as they can. The team that wins will get first pick for their sandwich project.



  • After researching the information required on the rubric about their sandwich students create a GLOG (a virtual poster) at
  • Sample:


  • Day 2: Various types of sandwiches can then be prepared in the lab to demonstrate different types of sandwiches as well as cooking methods. You can make this into a graded cooking demonstration or have every student make their sandwich, plate it then present how they were made to the class along with their glog.
  • Glogsters can be used to incorporate technology into the curriculum and can be used with any subject. Links to articles and videos can be embedded into the glog as well. Students really enjoy making these and they are much neater than paper posters.






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