Tortilla Trends: Lesson & Lab

As soon as the tortilla trends video hit my news feed, I watched it and knew I had to find a way to use it in my foods class! Am I glad I did because the “Tortilla Trends: Lesson and Lab” was a huge hit with my students!


  • Introduce the lesson by sharing five clues with students to see how quickly they can figure out what the food is that we will be working with.
    • Introduce one clue at a time, pausing between them. Students use their devices to look up info for each clue as they try to guess the answer.
    • Discuss their answers as a class after the final clue.


  • iPad or Laptop
  • Projector & Screen
  • Lab Ingredients
  • Panini Press (affiliate link)


  • Students begin by investigating the new food trend that is all the rage on social media and TikTok, using the provided resource, “Tortilla Trend How-To (With Recipes)”!
  • Because my students will be preparing these in the foods lab, I show them the Instagram video so they see the preparation process in action.
  • I love the global diversity and versatility of ingredients that can be used in the tortilla wraps. To help students see all of the potential fillings, I created a Global Fillings: Magic Square activity for them to complete. I don’t give them a resource at first, but allow them some time to figure out the global connections on their own. If they get stuck, I share this resource from Alpha Foodie.
  • Students then read through the Tex Mex Style Taco Tortilla Wraps recipe and use it, as well as previous knowlege, to complete the pre-lab questions (see attachments below). **I did make the taco meat prior to the lab.
    • This lab is ideal for social distancing and covid protocols because students can prepare it individually and it doesn’t require much time, if using the Panini press, to complete from start to finish.
    • If you are able to hold labs and you have a 43 minute class period, this lab is a perfect fit.
    • This is also a great lab to utilize small amounts of ingredients you may have left over from prior labs, since only small amounts are used in the wrap. You could easily provide a buffet of toppings and let students concoct their own unique tortilla wrap!


Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

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