Enchilada Lab



  • Students will create delicious enchiladas and learn about Mexican cuisine.


  • Mexican Cuisine Discussion: “What are some of your favorite Mexican foods?” “Are these foods truly authentic Mexican foods?” “Where can you go out to have Mexican food around here?” “Why do you think some of them have lost their authenticity?”
  • Demonstration how to fry tortillas
  • Demonstrate how to roll tortillas
  • Discussion points: Different types of enchilada fillings; history of enchiladas; origin of red chili


  • Lab

Fry Corn Tortillas until soft in a skillet

After red sauce is finished cooking, pour over enchiladas

Bake and enjoy!


  • What is the reason for frying the tortilla in oil?
  • Are all “Mexican” foods authentic?
  • How was the red sauce made?


  • Generic Lab Report



  • Food for Today Chapter 49: Foods of Latin America
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