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The Shopping Challenge Lesson


#182153373 / gettyimages.com   This lesson allows students to create a two week menu and shopping list that will include all of the food and beverage items they will need to survive two weeks without starving or becoming dehydrated. To…

Snacks for Kids Cookbook Project

Tomato Owl

Have you ever noticed that kids love foods that look like things they recognize like animals, bugs, toys, people, etc.? It is fun to create cute snacks that kids like and that are safe and healthy for them too!  For…

Diaper Cost Analysis Project

Total cost of Pampers Diapers from Birth to Age 3 by Retailer

What is the cheapest way to buy diapers? Do subscriptions to Amazon Prime or memberships to wholesale clubs really save you money on diapers? Why not do the math? This is a complex problem but easy enough to understand and develops student’s problem solving skills.

Designing your own Restaurant Project

Restaurant for sale

After studying various cuisines from around the world students use technology to create their very own restaurant. Students decide on the type of cuisine they want to serve, the style of restaurant, the location, menu items, menu style & layout, and create a commercial. This is a project based unit incorporating 21st century skills!

Is Sam’s Club Worth It?: A Practical Analysis of Club Shopping

Mel Iphone 123

In adult life there are many practical questions that require problem solving skills and a little math. This lesson has students figure out the benefits and costs to joining a shopping club like Sam’s Club. Guide your students through a real life case study that requires lots of critical thinking, a little math and the chance to use Excel!



Although the W.I.S.E. program isn’t necessarily a Family and Consumer Sciences course it certainly fits the teaching style and practical application that we’re all used to. So if your high school doesn’t offer a senior project this is a great course to add to your FACS course offerings. W.I.S.E. stands for Wise Individual Student Experience. It is very similar to senior projects except it is typically an elective offered to Juniors and Seniors.

Tourism Lessons


This lesson forces students to think about the travel & tourism industry as a whole, historically. There are two projects that have students plan a vacation for a specific amount of money. There is also a mini assignment that has students create a timeline of how the travel/tourism industry changed over time in America. Finally, there is an mini-paper assignment about the future of tourism/travel.

Sandwich Glog Project

Panini Gloster

Tired of messy physical posters? Introducing Glogs–virtual, interactive posters that don’t take up physical space and are a blast to create. Use this new virtual poster technology with any subject! This lesson is a fast, fun way to teach students about sandwiches and incorporate technology all at the same time!

Do you need $600 for a Class Project?

SONIC has partnered with DonorsChoose.org again to support public school classrooms. In the last two years, $1.3 million has been donated to help teachers and students across the country. Family Consumer Science Teachers: it’s time to get your projects registered for the fall when voting begins!

Gender Lesson Project

Time Frame: Minimum 2 days in class project work + presentation days Objective: Evaluate the effects of gender on life in America and around the world. Set Using the Smart Board or a white board ask the class to brainstorm…