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Nutrient Project

Students break down each nutrient and develop a comprehensive lesson plan and activities to teach their classmates about their assigned nutrient. Students use various methods and technologies to cover their nutrient as well as developing their own test, lesson plans,…

You be the Nutritionist: Food Aliments

Become a nutritionist for a day! This lesson has students to becoming a dietician for a day. They write an analysis of a particular client’s dietary related aliment as well as plan a week long menu for that client. Client’s aliments include diverticulitis, celiac disease, Prader-Willi syndrome, dairy allergy, lactose in tolerance, emotional eating, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. This is a case study based assignment.

Fad Diet Project

It seems like every few months a new diet is proposed that is supposed to “really work,” unlike those other diets. This lesson is intended to provoke class discussion, emphasize critical thinking, and allow students to practice their ability to make and defend an opinion.

Choose MyPlate Lessons, Worksheets, Activities

Since the new FDA food guide recommendations came out we’ve all scrambled to revamp our nutrition lessons to meet the new requirements. Since it has been a few months there are new resources available that you should be aware of. You’ll find links, lesson plans, power points, worksheets, and products to help you stay on top of the changes.

USDA Food Pyramid Replaced by Food Guide Dinner Plate

The new “Choose My Plate” campaign has been launched starring a colorful yet simple place setting. The cost of changing the food recommendation icon for the US is $2 million dollars. Hopefully the money spent on this campaign will pay off in health care savings as people use this new food guide to eat healthier. That’s where Family and Consumer Science teachers come into play. Teachers have power to influence, train, and instruct students in the right way to do lots of things.

Choose My Plate Lesson Plan

With the new food guide plate replacing the pyramid, it is time to change nutrition lesson plans to get on board. This lesson introduces students to the new myplate food guide by having them create three nutritionally sound plates according to the government guidelines. They will have to look through grocery flyers and cut out items that make up their three plates- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, they will determine the recommended portion sizes of each item they put on their plate.

New Food Pyramid- I mean Plate

The United State’s 20 year old food guide pyramid is soon to be replaced with a new dinner plate design. Stay tuned for the newest information about the latest food guide and new nutrition lessons for your students based on this release, June 2nd.

Fast Food Comparison

My students were aghast that the new Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries that opened up in town were selling 800 calorie hamburgers! Apparently one of them had done their research. I wanted to confirm this information for myself hoping it was only an exaggeration so I went to their website. Quite frankly I was surprised at what I found and thought surely not all restaurants were the same. My hunch was correct, not all restaurants and fast food places are the same some were much worse than an 800 calorie burger! Thus a new lesson was born.

Foods & Nutrition PowerPoints, Worksheets & Links

Lesson Plans The Science of Taste (PDF) PowerPoints Fruits (PPT) Submitted by R.Amy from NJ Worksheets Chicken Broth(Word) Kitchen Equipment Index (Excel) Mini Refrigerator Poster on Sanitation (Word) Pork Cuts Extra Credit Culinary Extra Credit Paper (Word) Links Ice cream…