Grains Unit: Day 1 Introduction

Need ideas for your grains unit? Look no further! Taste tests, power points, videos, labs, and unit quizzes.

Time Frame: 3-4 blocks


  1. Apply food selection and preparation guidelines related to rice, grains, and pasta.
  2. Identify types of rice (brown, instant, long grain and short grain), and cooking methods for rice.

  1. Identify cooking methods for pasta.
  2. Identify the functions and food sources of fiber.
  3. Identify foods high in natural fiber, and how to increase the bulk in low-fiber foods.


  • Class Questions: What is a grain? What is the difference between whole grain, multi-grain, and white bread? What are the health benefits of grains?



  • PowerPoint lecture
  • Taste test most grains that are discussed in the lecture (prepare these ahead of time and/or pass around bags of them for students to look at)


  • Day  1: Introduction PowerPoint & Grain tasting and/or handling
  • Day  2: Grains Lab (Quinoa pilaf, Barley Soup, Bran muffins, Buckwheat pancakes, Tabbouleh)
  • Day  3: Rice Lab
  • Day  4: Pasta Fundraiser (lasagna, stuffed shells, chicken Alfredo)
  • Day  5: Quiz/Test

Background for Teachers

  • Depending on your time frame for this unit you can either have samples prepared of each of the unusual grains or you can have the class make these grains by having each lab group (3-4 students) make a different grain recipe.


  • Grains Unit Quiz



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