Fad Diet Project

It seems like every few months a new diet is proposed that is supposed to “really work,” unlike those other diets. This lesson is intended to provoke class discussion, emphasize critical thinking, and allow students to practice their ability to make and defend an opinion.

Time Frame: 1 block + homework or 1.5 blocks


  • 9.3.6 Critique the selection of foods to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • 9.3.1 Analyze nutrient requirements across the life span addressing the diversity of people, culture, and religions.
  • 9.3.2 Analyze nutritional data.


  • Read the Story of the Twinkie Diet
  • Read the Story of the Subway Diet
  • Ask your students why they think these people lost weight. Would it work for everyone? Is there something missing in those diets? Are these diets safe for everyone?


  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Publisher and/or Adobe Photoshop


  • It seems like every few months a new diet is proposed that is supposed to “really work,” unlike those other diets. You are to write a magazine article defining the fad diet of your choice, list the pros & cons of the diet, describe a typical week of meals (with pictures), list the nutritional values of each meal, and describe the consequences of being on the diet long term.
  • Assign one Fad diet to each student


  • Students are to create a magazine article about their Fad Diet
  • Have students present their findings to the class


  • If we were to vote as a class on the healthiest all around diet out of the ones presented which one would you choose and why?
  • Which diet was the most dangerous in your opinion and why?
  • What components of weight loss were found in all the diets presented?
  • What observations can you make on the advertising/marketing of these Fad diets? What strategies do these companies/people use to get their diets to “take off?”




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