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Grains unit: Day 4 Pasta Fundraiser

Day 4 of the grains unit is the pasta fundraiser. I chose to do pasta as this unit’s fundraiser because most students have cooked pasta before so they have a foundation to help with the intensity that a fundraiser can bring. Depending on the semester and the student’s abilities I have done several different pasta fundraisers.

Grains Unit: Day 3 International Rice Lab

Time Frame:1 block Objective Apply food selection and preparation guidelines related to rice. Set Review Questions: What is the ratio of water to rice? What kinds of rice are there? What is the difference between sushi rice and long grain…

Grains Unit: Day 2 Grains Cooking Lab

This lesson is the second lesson of the grains unit. It is a grains cookery lab where each lab group makes a different grains dish and the class samples and taste tests them all.


Ever seen the television show “Chopped”? My students love to watch it and have been bugging me to let them compete in our class. However, with large classes, short bells, and limited budget, it was proving to be a bit difficult. However, I think I have figured out a good way to go about it. I think it’s a great and of the year project as well, because it helps get rid of extra food in a good way.

Creepy Crawly Yummy Bug Recipes

In many parts of the world people eat insects as part of their daily diets. Bugs are high in protein and have even been stated as possibly being the answer to the world’s hunger problems. Let your students decide for themselves by exploring entomophagy (bug eating) through this fear facing f0od lesson.

Sandwich Glog Project

Tired of messy physical posters? Introducing Glogs–virtual, interactive posters that don’t take up physical space and are a blast to create. Use this new virtual poster technology with any subject! This lesson is a fast, fun way to teach students about sandwiches and incorporate technology all at the same time!

Cooking up International Cuisine: Summer Professional Development

This June, I had the opportunity to take a Foreign Foods class taught by 2008 Chef of the Year, Chef Tom Siegel, CEC. It was a 5 day intensive, beginning at 8 a.m. and ending between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Each day focused on a different country or region. Monday was Greece, Tuesday was Italy, Wednesday was “The Magreb”: Morocco and Tunisia, Thursday was Southeast Asia: Thailand and Vietnam, and Friday was BBQ through the American South.

Lasagna Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Prepare this delicious sausage lasagna as a take home meal fundraiser or in your student restaurant. Read more for tips on how to make this fundraiser a success and download a profit spreadsheet to get you started.

Chicken Pot Pie Fundraiser

I have a love hate relationship with pot pies. I love them because they make my culinary program lots of money but I hate them because they are so much work to pull off the quantity I make in my home style kitchen classroom.

Gourmet Mac & Cheese Take Home Meal Fundraiser

Well, I don’t remember much of this gourmet Mac & Cheese fundraiser because I was in the clinic getting my hand stitched back together. Be careful cutting big blocks of cheese! Anyhow, this is a lovely gourmet version of Mac & Cheese sure to please as at take home meal.