Ever seen the television show “Chopped”?  My students love to watch it and have been bugging me to let them compete in our class.  However, with large classes, short bells, and limited budget, it was proving to be a bit difficult.  However, I think I have figured out a good way to go about it.  I think it’s a great and of the year project as well, because it helps get rid of extra food in a good way.

Time Frame: 3Periods
Class Size: 20


  • The students will compete together and against other kitchen groups in style of the TV show “Chopped”.


  • Kitchens, secret ingredients, pantry and fridge of other ingredients.

Background for Teachers

    • If you or your students haven’t seen the show “Chopped” then you may want to watch it. While no longer available for free on YouTube, you can purchase episodes/seasons of the show on Amazon for a minimal fee.

Instructional Procedures

      1. First day watch chopped and plan.  Elect half of team to be in charge of entrée, half of team to be in charge of dessert.  That team is also in charge of your own clean-up.
      2. Second day, is day of entree cooking, 3rd day is dessert.  Can only take ingredients from demonstration table (including spice drawer and white bin), and designated fridge.  Can’t take ingredients back to table though, you must measure them out at demo table.
      3. On days students aren’t cooking, students are in charge of judging; can’t vote for their own team. Vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
      4. To determine winner – at the end of both days, count up points.  Each 1st place vote = 3 pts, 2nd place = 2 pts, 3rd place = 1 pt.  Team with most points, after both rounds, wins!


      • Since the food needed to be somewhat simple and quick, but also fun, this is what I came up with, but feel free to create your own secret ingredients.

(Wednesday) Day One:  Entrée – 35 minutes
–       Need samples for roughly 12 people
–       Secret Ingredients:

  • ½ lb. chicken  (7 lbs chicken)
  • 1 Red peppers (13 peppers)
  • 1 Zucchini (13)
  • ½ c. Orange Juice (2 jugs)

(Thursday) Day Two:  Dessert – 30 minutes
–       Need samples for roughly 12 people
–       Secret Ingredients:

  • 1 can Manderian Oranges (13 cans)
  • 1 tubes of biscuit dough (13 biscuits)
  • 1 container strawberry yogurt (13 strawberries)

Other things for pantry:
–       Onions (1 bag)
–       Salsa
–       Lemons (6 lemons)
–       Chocolate
–       Whip Cream
–       Cream Cheese  (4 bars)
–       Marshmallows (2 bags)
–       Pasta
–       Cans of tomato
–       Eggs (2 containers)
–       Pretzels
–       Graham Crackers
–       Peanut Butter
–       Ramen noodles (13 packages)



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