Category: Interpersonal Relationships

Love is Like a Fairy Tale

So often our view of what love is comes from the stories we’ve read or watched as a youngster. Heck, even weddings these days are fairy tale themed. But is love like a fairy tale or are we merely setting our students up for “love failure” if fairy tales, Hollywood and television are the primary sources of their expectations. This lesson challenges students to reread romantic fairy tales with their relationship glasses on to see how the characters’ relationships would hold up in the real world and determining the realities of “happily ever after” for each story.

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Life Long Learning Book Report

This project is a part of a high school senior life skills class. I explain to the students that after high school it is really up to them to engage in learning on their own. No one is going to spoon feed them. One of the ways adults learn is by reading books on subjects that they need to work on or learn more about.

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Good Relationship Resources

Dibble Fund: a research based organization that provides educational tools for educators to educate teens on how to be emotionally healthy and have healthy relationships. Their latest Icebreakers: it is important to lay a good foundation for a class that…

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