Lesson Ideas: Consequences of Teenage Intimacy

Premarital Sex Consequence Activity 400

As the result of last month’s “Project Brainstorm” activity, Cheryl Hiller, a veteran Family and Consumer Science Teacher from Ohio submitted a whole bunch of activities and resources below that she uses with her students. We thought they deserve special attention, so take a look and see if there are any ideas you might want to use with your students.


  • STD Transmission Activity: This intro activity shows that we don’t always know who is infected including the person infected, and that just one unprotected encounter can affect yourself and others.
    • Each student must write their name at the top of a piece of paper and get 5 signatures of classmates.
    • Everyone stands up.
    • One paper has an identifying mark indicating that person is infected with an STD and must sit down.
    • Any paper they signed indicates a sexual encounter that infected the others.  Any others who have these signatures must then sit down until everyone is infected and sitting down.  (You could ask one classmate not to participate representing abstinence.)
  •  Consequences of Sex Activity
    • As a class, develop a chalkboard list of physical, emotional, and societal consequences of premarital sex.
    • An eraser is labeled “condom” and a volunteer erases all consequences that can be prevented via a condom.
    • (Contraceptives might be a lesson in and of itself if acceptable in your school district – via speaker, research, articles, powerpoints, infographs, etc.)
  • Small Group Article Assignment
    • Break students into small groups.
    • Give each group different articles (one per person) about the consequences of teen pregnancy on family, friends, and society, as well as the pros and cons of the necessary choices that must be made as a result of unintended pregnancies.
    • Each group member reads, highlights, and shares out the important aspects of their article within their group.
    • Then groups create a poster (or PowerPoint) to share out to the entire class.

Guest Speaker Ideas

  • The Rights of Unmarried Fathers PDF can be found here.
  • President Obama shares the concern of Dating Violence and the “No More” Ads seen during football games are more prevalent and may prove useful for class. NoMore300x250_static_LisaL

Recommended Resources

  • There is also a DVD about the importance of a father in their child’s life from the “I Am Your Child” video series and an article written by Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family.
  • The 1996 made for TV movies, “She Cried No” about date rape on college campuses and “No One would Tell” about the warning signs of abusive relationships can be resourceful if they are suitable for your audiences.

Group Assignment

  • This all leads into our group posters or PowerPoints developed from discussions, web searches, or movies about the benefits of abstinence, responsible vs irresponsible intimacy, date rape and dating violence.
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