Shark Tank Assignment

Are you totally in love with Abc’s Shark Tank? Chances are your students are! What I love about Shark Tank and The Profit are that students get a real glimpse into entrepreneurship and get a chance to see what is possible. Many times young teens are pitching their business ideas on the show and it is inspiring. Being confident, clearly conveying an idea, defending one’s position, and business savvy are all life skills that can be learned through this show with intentional viewing.



Background for Teachers

The worksheet I created is two parts. The first page can be copied as many times as necessary for one show. For instance, if their are four pitches, then the student would need four of the sheets. The second sheet is for a whole season. It asks students to watch every episode and track the investors purchases and preferences. This second sheet would be best used for extra credit in my opinion as it requires faithful watching of the show.

The second way to use this worksheet is to watch recorded or an old season during a shortened class, before winter break, etc. Filler activities that keep students interested are hard to come by. Then you could discuss the questions after watching and pull out of them more than the surface level answers.



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