Parenting Styles

Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, is known for her research on parenting styles.  Parenting styles represent dreamstimefree_210644_use.with.parenting.styles-revisedapproaches to how parents manage their children’s behavior, which in turn influences their development.  This lesson explores the four different approaches and used clips from television and movies to test students’ understanding of them.


  • Show students the PPT and ask them to describe the characteristics of each object shown.  Objects include:  a marshmallow, a tennis ball, a rock and an old fish.  Ask students to share their characteristics and ask what they have in common with parenting.


  • Projector & Screen
  • Glue & Scissors


  • Discuss Diana Baumrind, and her theory of parenting styles.  Explain that parenting styles represent approaches to how parents manage their children’s behavior, which in turn influences their development.
  • Have students read the article “Parenting Styles:  Four Styles of Parenting” and have students create a 4 grid, quadrant style foldable to take notes on.  Ask students to match up the objects from the introductory activity with each style and draw the object in the quadrant is best represents.
  • Our school district has just adopted the Collins Writing method so I included some writing prompts based on that method.  You can adapt the prompts to fit the method your school uses.
    • What kind of parents do you have? Explain why you believe this. (Type I)
    • If you could choose any of the parenting styles for your parents to be which would you choose and why? Provide at least 3 details about your chosen parenting style in your explanation. (Type II)
  • Reinforce this information by having students complete the assignment “Parenting Styles at a Glance” cut and paste activity (found in lesson plan below).  Students may refer to their grid or the article to help them if necessary.  Cut out characteristics and glue them into the correct parenting style category.
  • Practice or Quiz students by showing them various clips from television and movies of parents and children.  Students are to identify the parenting style representing each.  Stop and discuss each along the way and have students justify their responses or show one right after the other as a quiz.


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