Ideas for Teaching about Gender Stereotypes

Lately there’s been a lot of commercials and public service announcements about gender stereotypes. Any teacher wantingGender.Equality to incorporate this topic into their curriculum would most likely want to choose the best ideas and pull together their own version of a lesson. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to pull together a variety of resources I’ve found that I thought we be great to use when teaching about this topic. However, if you have a unique way of teaching this topic or just a great activity or project, I’d love for you to share it at


  • Write the headings “BOYS” and “GIRLS” on the board and ask students to brainstorm as many  characteristics associated with being each gender as they can.  After all of the characteristics are on the board, have students label them as positive or negative.
  • This can often generate some very interesting and even heated discussions.  Many of the characteristics they share are probably stereotypes so that can lead to further discussion of what that it and why it can be harmful.  Here is a great PSA to use with this topic as well as an interesting look of what it would be like if these stereotypes continued into adulthood with this clip.  If you are teaching about roles within the marriage, the “Job Switching” episode of “I Love Lucy” is sure to spark some discussion on how times have changed (or not)!
  • There’s also a good article from Scholastic Choices that could be used to get a good discussion going.  Here is the link to that article titled “Who Said It?”  If you have a subscription, there are additional materials that go with it that can be used.


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