Children & Crafts: Creating Flower Crafts with Snapguide

As a child I loved doing arts and crafts and still do today! As a parent I loved doing them with my own Snapguide.Flowerchildren! Crafts have hidden benefits that many don’t realize, not only in creating them, but also in teaching others how to create them.  This lesson helps students break down their ideas into easy to understand steps using Snapguide technology to help them convey directions and visuals to create a flower!


  • Provide students the “Think, Pair, Share” form (TPT Freebie) and the following prompt:  Children benefit from doing crafts. Agree or Disagree and Why?  (Answer in the first column of the form.)
  • Next, have students turn to their shoulder neighbor and share responses.  Each student writes in the center column what their neighbor had to say.
  • Finally, together, combine responses in a way that makes sense and complete the third column.
  • Share new responses as a group.


  • Laptops
  • Phones, Tablets or Digital Cameras
  • Variety of Craft Supplies


  • Discuss that crafts and children definitely go together to help benefit children but a few guidelines have to be considered along the way.
  • Students will complete the web activity using the provided links in the assignment to find out what the benefits and guidelines are.
  • Once students know the benefits, guidelines and how to write instructions. they will complete the Children’s Craft Project where they will become editors, creating a step-by-step layout for a magazine on how to create a flower craft for young children.
  • Students will use Snapguide to assist them in this process.Here is a tutorial I have them view before creating their own.
  • In order for students to do this they must decide what kind of flower to make and create it themselves, using the step-by-step process so they have a prototype when finished that will turned in with their project.  I have a huge box of craft materials left over from other projects or just stuff I pick up inexpensively at thrift stores or yard sales.  Students can also bring items in from home to use.
  • Notes:  I did this project in the spring, but if you teach this in the fall, create pumpkins or scarecrows.  If it’s in the winter, create a snowman.
  • This lesson is not as easy as it may appear!  Students really had to think about breaking down the steps to simplify them for children in an easy to understand process, some had trouble with this.  They also had to apply problem solving skills because their flower ideas didn’t always work or turn out as they intended and then they had to figure out how to fix the problem
  • Here’s a sample

Check out How to Make Cupcake Blossom by Child Development on Snapguide.


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