Genetically Modified Foods, known as GMO’s, are foods that have had their genes altered through sciencegmo.label or genetic engineering, which is monitored through the EPA, the FDA and the USDA. Did you know that many of the foods found in our grocery stores contain at least one ingredient that has been genetically modified?  Should we be informed as consumers when this process is affecting the foods we eat?  Should genetically modified foods be labeled?  There is a huge debate surrounding this dispute.  How do your students weigh in on this topic?


  • Show the first slide of the PPT found below asking students what the foods have in common.  Most of them won’t guess that they have all been genetically modified.
  • What do the letters GMO stand for?
  • What does genetically modified mean? Share the definition.


  • Projector & Screen
  • Laptops
  • Poster Supplies


  • To learn more about genetically modified foods I show them the video titled “The Eyes of Nye:  Genetically Modified Foods” found here, and have them complete the questions found here.
  • After going over the video questions, I have students randomly select a GMO food from my basket to complete a mini-project shared by FACS teacher, Charity Strauch of Missouri. In this project students research the process involved in altering their food and look at the risks and benefits associated with the modification.  Students then present their food findings to the entire class to educate everyone. Posters are then hung around the school or classroom to help inform others.
  • At this point in the lesson I assign an article titled “PRO/CON: Is it time to label GMO foods?” and have students complete a pros/cons graphic organizer (a TPT Freebie) so they can learn about both sides of the debate in order to take a position and take a stand. Newsela articles can accessed free of charge. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. We briefly discuss whether GMO foods should be labeled.  Be prepared for some heated discussion!
  • Finally, students complete a Collins Type II writing sharing their position and supporting with reasons they learned from the project, discussion, article and video.



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