Category: College & Career Preparation

Internships Lesson

It is common to teach high school and college students about how to interview for jobs, how to fill out resumes and how to get a degree in line with their passion. It is not very common to teach students how to succeed on their very first internship. Not all interns are created equal. There are key differentiating factors. This lesson aims to teach students how to have a meaningful internship experience. This lesson can also be geared to students who are getting their first job.

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Life Long Learning Book Report

This project is a part of a high school senior life skills class. I explain to the students that after high school it is really up to them to engage in learning on their own. No one is going to spoon feed them. One of the ways adults learn is by reading books on subjects that they need to work on or learn more about.

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College Project

Get your college bounds students prepared with this detailed project preparing them for life on the college campus. Have them choose their courses before they leave, plan a budget, apply for scholarships, and create a campus map.

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