Nutrient Advertising Campaign

We’ve probably all experienced a time when we were teaching that a student said the topic was boring! If and/or when that happens, put your students in the drivers seat and let them be the “instructors” of the information you want them to learn. Let them see how challenging it can be to be the teacher or often the “entertainer” of pertinent information!  This Nutrient Advertising Campaign assignment does just that! Students must put together a persuasive ad campaign for an assigned nutrient and share it with the class. You may find they like presenting this way and you can use it with other topics or they’ll stop complaining when you are teaching!


  • Be sure students are familiar with common advertising techniques before assigning this project. You can use this TPT Freebie titled, Power of Persuasion: Advertising Techniques or this YouTube Video titled, Types of Advertising Appeals & Great Examples of Top Brands Using Them | How Leading Brands Use Ads to teach or review them.
  • Depending on your class size, this can be an individual or small group assignment. Once you determine group size, you can randomly assign the technique you want students to work with. You can let them choose on their own, but be prepared to have little variety in techniques selected.
  • If you wish to include an objective panel of judges to actually vote on a winner, then be sure to invite some teachers and/or staff ahead of time.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • Go over the assignment with students before assigning a nutrient and before they start researching to be sure they understand what you are expecting from them.
  • Students will need to incorporate the required information within the slide presentation in a creative way that is befitting of their assigned advertising technique.
  • Once the presentation is complete, encourage students to practice it so they know the information without needing to read it directly from the slide.  I also encouraged my students to be dramatic and enthusiastic (like an over the top sales person) to get and keep our attention. Props can also be used, however, they are not mandatory and not part of their grade.
  • Students then share their presentations in front of the class and judges. Judges can take their own notes and then offer feedback (optional) or confer and name the winning nutrient. Since this is no actual magazine feature, you can give a prize or bonus points to winners if desired.

Extension Options

  • You could have students take notes on each nutrient during the presentation.
  • You could create a “What nutrient am I?” type of reinforcement using the information from each presentation, or better yet, have each of the student groups create clues for their nutrient based on the information from their presentation and you put it together in a worksheet.
  • Let students guess their answers to the clues and then give students access to all presentations or go over it in class to see how they did.
  • As a follow-up, students could create an actual visual ad in CANVA for their assigned nutrient, using their assigned advertising technique. The visuals could then be displayed as a bulletin board.


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