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Nutrient Advertising Campaign

We’ve probably all experienced a time when we were teaching that a student said the topic was boring! If and/or when that happens, put your students in the drivers seat and let them be the “instructors” of the information you want them to learn. Let them see how challenging it can be to be the teacher or often the “entertainer” of pertinent information!  This Nutrient Advertising Campaign assignment does just that! Students must put together a persuasive ad campaign for an assigned nutrient and share it with the class. You may find they like presenting this way and you can use it with other topics or they’ll stop complaining when you are teaching!

FCS HOT Topics: Good Idea or Bad Idea

One way to get students talking is to throw out a contentious topic because there are bound to be differing views!  I’ve taken some topics that I feel fit this category
for both food and child development/parenting classes. FCS HOT Topics: Good Idea or Bad Idea has students looking at each topic and researching in more detail the good and bad components of it before sharing with the class. Not only is this an engaging assignment because it includes collaboration, communication and critical thinking, but it could be done weekly or quarterly and is tied to a writing assessment for those of you who need to include writing as part of your curriculum. The lists below obviously do not include every topic, but if you have a great topic that you believe should be included, please let me know by adding it to the comments.

Interactive Bulletin Boards for Child Development

When creating lesson plans and activities, one of my goals is to try to incorporate as much movement and hands-on engagement as possible. Not only do students
enjoy it, but it seems to pique their interest and gives them a little break from the screens. I love how Shannon Stevens, a FACS teacher from Ohio, does just that in her Interactive Bulletin Boards for Child Development project! Additionally, Shannon wanted to encourage the use of “soft skills” with her students and this project requires student teams to collaborate and communicate with each other as they create and finally provide feedback to other teams after class presentations. While this lesson focuses on child development, the interactive bulletin board concept can be applied in any content area. Read on to learn more…

Whole Grains: Group Assignment using Google Forms & Zoom

I had the privilege of meeting Darci Friberg in person, last summer while presenting at the Missouri FACS Conference! Darci uses a lot of technology when teaching her students and she shared back with me a way to take a traditional group activity and turn it into a digital activity using Google Forms and Zoom breakout rooms. The whole grain group assignment using Google Forms & Zoom is an alternate way to complete the original group assignment in the Whole Grains lesson in case your school is going virtual or blended with teaching in the future.

Caring for Children: Symbolism Stations

With the start of school right around the corner, I bet you’re looking for an interactive first day activity to use that is super low prep and easy to use in your child development class! This is a great activity, if you’ve often got a revolving door of students coming and going as schedules get adjusted, because you’re not getting into important nitty-gritty content and notes yet!  It’s just a moving activity where students have to independently think outside the box, team up with other students for small discussions, collaborate on an brief oral presentation and complete a quick exit slip based on the activity/presentation….easy peasy!  Did I mention that it’s super easy to prep?  All you need to do is print off the pictures and the answer strips and you are set to go!  If you like it and plan to use it with several classes, you may want to laminate the pictures for durability.