Calculating Baby Costs

As I was going through some files, I came across an assignment I created that incorporated math skills for Calculating Baby Costs. Since the prices were a bit outdated, I decided to update it and share it with you. It can be a real eye-opener for students into the reality of what consumables cost for babies. Additionally, they see a real life example of where they will use and apply math skills in life!


  • This lesson works well if you are covering a unit or lessons on Teen Pregnancy or Teen Parenting.  If you need some resources for teaching these topics, check out…
  • This activity would also work well if you are teaching about Parent Readiness and want to emphasize some of the costs associated with becoming a parent. If you need some resources for teaching these topics, check out…
  • If you would like students to look at the cost of other baby items, check out…
  • If your school wants you to incorporate math skills into your curriculum to help students prepare for state testing, then this will help fulfill that directive.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Calculators


  • Assign students the Baby Costs worksheet along with calculators (optional) and go over the instructions. Remind students to show their work. Circulate to help troubleshoot as I’m sure you’ll have questions and/or frustrated students.
  • Once they are finished, you can go over the answers or collect and grade and then go over the answers. This is really up to you.
  • Discuss their reactions to these costs and be sure to emphasize that this is just one piece of the overall costs of having and raising a baby!


  • Baby Costs (Please make a copy if you wish to use or make changes; go to file, click “make a copy” and it’s yours to edit.)


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