43 Minute Lab Series: Puppy Chow

After noticing continuous requests for lab suggestions that are doable in 43 minute class periods, I’ve decided to do a recurring series, featuring recipes that can be completed from beginning to end in a 43 minute time frame. In some cases, longer recipes will broken into two day labs. In addition, I will include my pre-lab review questions that pertain specifically to the recipe. This helps to ensure that students are reading the recipe. It also allows me time to show any videos that may demonstrate the product or specific techniques. So, without further ado, I present the 43 Minute Lab Series: Puppy Chow!


  • Recipe Supplies
  • Gallon Size Zip-lock Bags

Pre-Lab Activities

  • Note:  This is a great lab to use with newbies in the kitchen such as middle school students. I say this because it’s not a complicated lab, but it is great way to engage students in following a recipe, measuring and using a microwave. And of course, it tastes great too!
  • So, with that being said, make sure you’ve taught students the basics when it comes to safety, reading a recipe, measuring and using a microwave correctly before assigning this lab!
  • After learning about the above concepts, students review the recipe for puppy chow and complete the corresponding pre-lab questions. These questions cover a variety of information. I like to review what they know as well as address things that I think they know, but maybe didn’t specifically cover in the lesson. Sometimes the questions revolve around talking points or ways that recipes could be adapted.
  • Note:  While I’m sharing the recipe I used in class with junior high students, there are a lot of flavor variations when it comes to making puppy chow.  Variations include, but are not limited to: pumpkin spice, peppermint crunch, caramel, strawberry and lemon.


Additional 43 Minute Lab Ideas

  • This link will take you to a list and you can scroll down through the page to see additional 43 minute lab ideas.
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