Toddlers: Intellectual Activities

Did you know that when it comes to Toddlers: Intellectual Activities there are seven categories? This post provides some background information around them before students do an analysis for understanding.


  • Word splash the following words onto a board or screen and ask students what they have in common. Words include: attention, creativity, curiosity, imagination, memory, perception and reasoning.
  • Hopefully, some students make the connection of the words to the brain and/ or learning. If not, share that these are the catagories associated with toddlers and intellectual development.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • Go over the presentation sharing the intellectual activities categories and descriptions associated with a toddler’s development. As you do, students take notes and create doodles on their notes form.
  • Afterwards, students use their notes to individually complete the picture analysis where they must look at the play activities, identify the intellectual activity it represents and justify their reasons.
  • When finished, I usually take time in class to go over their answers as they share and discuss the reasoning behind their choices. First they think-pair-share as they partner up with a neighbor. After that we share as a class. It’s pretty easy to determine whether they understand the concept or not.


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