Pet Based Service Projects

For many of us, our pets become part of our family and we want to love on them by giving them toys and treats! Sadly, there are many pets in need of love especially at organizations such as the SPCA, Rescue Pet Centers, and Best Friends centers. Pet Based Service Projects can be creatively included in your curriculum via labs, sewing or non-sewing projects and even repurpose projects to help those organziations. Read on to see a variety of ways to do this on the cheap!

Sewing Suggestions

  • Denim Dog Toys: Who doesn’t have a pair of old jeans to use for this project? Even if you wouldn’t, check out local thrift stores. For example, my local thrift store always has jeans on the quarter rack which is super affordable.
  • Dog Bandanas: This project only uses a fat quarter of fabric so it’s a great way to use up fabric remnants and it’s an easy sewing project to boot!
  • DIY Dog Blanket: Easy pattern and sewing project using quilted material or fabric with fleece between, bound together with some binding tape and velco attachment (optional).
  • Upcycled Cat Toy Sewing Patterns: These use only a small amount of fabric so it would be a great way to use up scraps and old denim.
  • Hand Sewn Catnip Mouse Toy: If you don’t have sewing machines, this is a great hand-sewing projects for students to complete. It uses small amounts of fabric and embroidery floss.

Non-Sewing & Repurposed Suggestions

  • DIY Indestructible Dog Toy: All you need for this repurposed, non-sewing project is old t-shirts. Again, most people have some of these that they’ve outgrown, gotten stained or simply don’t wear. Like above, check out local thrift stores for great discounts. You might also check out your school’s lost and found. At our school, if items go unclaimed at the end of the year, they get donated. You could see if they would allow you to go through it first for usable shirts.
  • Tennis Ball Toys: Does your school or community have a tennis team? If so check with them for old balls which could easily be turned into repurposed dog toys. Note: these can also be used with the old t-shirts.


Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

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