Bloomin’ Garden Toast Breakfast Lab: Part II

If you tuned into the website last week, you found the Breakfast Lesson: Part I featuring the Rule of 3. Today’s post features the corresponding Bloomin’ Garden Toast Breakfast Lab: Part II. This lab not only follows the rule of 3, but incorporates knife skills and creativity all within a 43 minute period!


  • Prior to this lab, the Breakfast Lesson: Part I was taught. The lesson focused on the importance of breakfast and why it matters along with how to make healthy choices. Healthy choices are determined by the Rule of 3.


  • Before my students enter any lab, they must complete pre-lab questions and fill in a lab plan. This is critical because class periods are 43 minutes so students need to be ready to go!
  • Below you will find the recipe and the corresponding pre-lab questions. Students use the recipe and class notes to answer the prompts. Some prompts are review and some are there as talking points to guage what they know or things I might need to point out (especially if we haven’t covered the material yet).
  • Once pre-lab questions are answered and we’ve gone over them, students sketch their Bloomin’ Garden Toast designs. This way they have a plan of what foods they will use as well as what they need to do to accomplish their design.
  • Finally, students fill in their lab plan, assigning prep and clean up jobs.
  • This lab was one of my students’ all-time favorites which kind of surprised me due to the simplicity of it and the fact that it used fresh produce! Teens….you just never know what the outcome will be until you try!


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