Cleats For a Cause

Cleats For a Cause, was inspired by the NFL: My Cause Cleats program. Players select a cause they are passionate about and represent their selected organization via custom designed cleats. All proceeds raised go to their cause or charity. I wanted to adapt/recreate this creative project and connect it to charitable giving. This lesson and project provides both hands-on and digital components, keeping your students engaged while learning how to be responsible in choosing and supporting an important cause.


  • Display the INTRO SLIDE on the screen and ask students what all the words have in common? Hopefully, they realize that they are all important and worthy causes that people support and fight for.
  • Ask students what makes a cause worthy. This Definition gives a great overview. Think about worthy causes you’d consider supporting.
  • Let’s suppose you have a worthy cause that you would like to support via monetary donations. How would you determine how your dollars are used? The best way to do that is to investigate and do some research on your charitable organization.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Color Markers & Sharpies
  • Cleat Templates


  • Use the NGPF Compare Charities assignment. This walks students through the research process of charitable organizations based on their cause.
  • Once students have the research completed on their cause and charitable organization(s), have them create a “Cleats for a Cause” design for their cause of choice. Show examples of NFL My Clause Cleats that players have designed and auctioned off over the years for inspiration.
  • Students begin with a rough draft using the cleat template of their choice and then add color, sharpie outlines and details when satisfied.
  • Students will share their “Cleats for a Cause” and why they are so passionate about the cause with the class. If students are hesitant about sharing in front of the class, they can always record and share via Flipgrid.
  • Use the visuals to create a bulletin board display in your room or around your school to show off student work and the causes they feel strongly about.


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