Ugly Sweater Scavenger Hunt Fashion Show

Ugly sweaters are all the craze, so why not incorporate them into a fun winter holiday activity? This Ugly Sweater Scavenger Hunt Fashion Show is an adaptation of an assignment the art teacher at my school does. Send students on a scavenger hunt for ugly sweaters based on project criteria, have them create a digital fashion show (movie) set to fun holiday music and watch them in class right before winter break!


  • Play “build a snowman” (in place of hangman) and see if students can guess the phrase (ugly holiday sweater), by consonants only. I set this up on my blackboard and whip around the room asking each student for a letter. If it’s in the word, I add it. If not, I begin building my snowman. All students must have a chance to guess a consonant before guessing the phrase. If all consonants happen to be guessed correctly within the phrase before getting through all the students, then I will open it up to vowels. Once the phrase is guessed, we move onto to the next prompt.
  • What adjectives would you use to describe ugly holiday sweaters? Write as many as you can on your white board and share.
  • Finally, using iPads or laptops ask students to participate in a Google race to see who can be the first to answer to this prompt: What day is dedicated to celebrating “National Ugly Sweater” day? (December 12th)


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • iMovie App
  • Adobe Spark Video
  • Animoto


  • Introduce the project to your students. Explain that they must find image examples of ugly sweaters that meet the criteria within the assignment.
  • Students need a total of 15 ugly sweater examples and must include the first ten. The remaining 5 can be their choice, selected from the additional list.
  • Once students have searched the internet, their school and even their own friends, family and pets for examples, they save their images to their camera roll.
  • We use iMovie to create videos since we are 1:1 with iPads. However, you could use Adobe Spark Video and/or Animoto as they both allow you to add music.
  • When videos are complete, students turn in their rubric and attach or share their videos with me via Google Classroom.
  • After they are graded, we have a watch party right before winter break! To make it more fun, students are urged to wear their own ugly sweaters to class. Another fun element is to serve ugly sweater cookies and hot cocoa to students as they watch and vote on their favorite ugly sweater fashion show!


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