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Because I have to have all of my assignments Google Classroom friendly, I recreated the adulting hyperdoc to include activities I normally do at the beginning of the year in my Career & Consumer Sciences class (aka adulting). This adulting hyperdoc easily transitions from the traditional classroom to a virtual classroom so no matter your teaching situation this fall, you’re covered!


  • Ask students to define the term “adulting” in thier own words. Also ask them to explain why they want to be an adult as well as what they believe to be two pros and two cons associated with adulthood.
  • I would take time to discuss these as a class whether in person or in a Zoom or Google Meet before moving on.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen


  • After discussing the introductory questions, students view a TEDx video titled, #Adulting by Fielding Kidd and answer a few prompts within the hyperdoc. You can decide if you want to verbally go over these in class or grade them based on your personal situation.
  • Next, students individually complete the #Adulting Symbols activity. In this activity, students must look at the symbol and create a title #hashtag style and also briefly explain how the image relates or connects to being an adult.
  • Once students have finished the activity, they discuss it as a class. In a normal setting, I would have them think, pair, share with their shoulder neighbor first before discussing as a whole class. Well…maybe next year!
  • After the discussion, students apply the information by creating a flash slide presentation that answers the following prompts:
    • Briefly explain how prepared you feel to be an adult? If you had to give yourself an adulting grade based on what you currently know, explain the grade you would receive.
    • Why is knowing how to “adult” important?
    • Name one other responsibility, task or skill that is important to know regarding adulthood that was NOT in the assignment or video and include an image.
  • Finally, students will be required to share this slide in a “flash presentation” to the class. That is, in 1-2 minutes ONLY, they will display their slide, read their responses, and explain the rationale behind them.
  • If students finish early and are waiting for others to complete their work students can view the video linked in the extend portion of the hyperdoc. The YouTube video is titled, Watch This Before Moving Out on your Own. and students must provide 3 key takeaways learned from the video.
  • Once all of the activities and assignments are completed by the student, they submit their hyperdoc and other work (#Adulting Symbols and Flash Slide) to me via Google Classroom.


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