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Off to College Series: STRESS

This past spring, I put a post on Facebook as to how I could help teachers and one of the responses I received was to add more lessons to the Off to College Series. The
wish has been granted! This Off to College Series: STRESS lesson explores the concept of stress as it relates to first year college students.  However, even if you aren’t teaching it from this perspective, there are a lot of engaging activities that can be used or adapted for other lessons about stress!

Adulting Hyperdoc

Because I have to have all of my assignments Google Classroom friendly, I recreated the adulting hyperdoc to include activities I normally do at the beginning of the year in my Career & Consumer Sciences class (aka adulting). This adulting hyperdoc easily transitions from the traditional classroom to a virtual classroom so no matter your teaching situation this fall, you’re covered!

Staying Safe HyperDoc

Most colleges today have many safety features in place all over their campuses to put students (and their parents) at ease. However, students still need to be aware and think about what they can do to apply good safety practices as they participate in various college life and activities. This Staying Safe HyperDoc is great way to help them explore ways to be safe in a variety of situations. The beauty of this assignment is that it could easily serve as a flex learning activity for those days when school is cancelled, but school work must go on!

Deciphering Apartment Lingo

Finding an apartment, understanding the lingo and reading a lease should be skills that all young adults know how to do as they take on adulting responsibilities! I begin this lesson by having students decipher some common abbreviations that I’ve seen/heard used via an interactive game. Students then move onto deciphering actual apartment lingo, work with sample ads, read the classifieds (which may be foreign to some students) and eventually read and answer some questions pertaining to an apartment lease. This at least gives them an idea of what’s involved when the time comes for them to actually find an apartment!