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Most colleges today have many safety features in place all over their campuses to put students (and their parents) at ease. However, students still need to be aware and think about what they can do to apply good safety practices as they participate in various college life and activities. This Staying Safe HyperDoc is great way to help them explore ways to be safe in a variety of situations. The beauty of this assignment is that it could easily serve as a flex learning activity for those days when school is cancelled, but school work must go on!


  • First, you want to add this as an assignment in Google Classroom, making a copy for each student. This preserves your original document.
  • If this HyperDoc is assigned to complete in class, students will complete the “Introduction” portion only and then stop. We discuss their ideas and answers before moving on.
  • If this HyperDoc is assigned as a flex learning activity, then I would have them complete the entire document.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Large Room or Gym for Self Defense Guest/Demo (optional)


  • If assigning this in class, students complete the “Engage” and “Explore” sections.
  • We briefly discuss these sections, answering any questions that may arise.
  • Finally, students complete the “Apply” section where they create a NEWSLETTER in Google Docs titled “Be SAFE on Campus: Stop, Think & Act”. The premise is that the newsletter would be sent to all new college students. The newsletter should incorporate the following safety topics: Campus Safety at Night, Dorm Safety, Personal Safety & Self-Defense, Party Safety and Available Safety Apps. See the HyperDoc for criteria.
  • Once the newsletter is finished, students share some of their safety tips and apps in a group discussion so students see a variety of information to consider or practice when living on or near campus that may be similar and/or different than what they discovered.
  • Optional Activity: If you have a local gym or YMCA that teaches self-defense, invite them to class to share and demonstrate some techniques. This helps reinforce that staying safe is a big deal and should be taken seriously!


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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