Convenience Foods & A Can Do Struggle Meal Challenge

“Convenience Foods & A Can Do Struggle Meal Challenge” was another lesson I shared with Missouri FACS teachers during their July conference. This challenge was a big hit with my students! As a teacher, I love to see my students in full collaboration mode as they create, plan and execute their ideas!


  • Begin this lesson with a brainstorming style activity called “Cover the Table” (see attachments). This activity helps me to see what students know about the topic of “Convenience Foods”. Many thanks to Charity Strauch (MO FACS teacher) for sharing this activity and the Thinking at Right Angles graphic organizer below.
  • To give my students more background information, I used Katie Kensinger’s wonderful Convenience Foods slide presentation, a TPT freebie.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen
  • Food & Supplies for the Challenge
  • iMovie, Adobe Spark Video or Snapguide App (Apple) & (Android)


  • To reinforce and show connections, students read the article “Easy eating: Convenience foods are vital in an-on-the-go world” and complete the “Thinking at Right Angles” graphic organizer.
  • Ask students…What does all of this look like in the kitchen?
  • View the A-Can-Do Attitude Struggle Meal Episode with Frankie. This episode really shows how creative you can be with a canned food and students love Frankie’s quirky personality and energy.
  • If necessary, explain calculating cost per serving to students using: How to Calculate Cost per Serving or this on-line calculator. If someone has a great lesson on this, please share!
  • Assign and complete the “A-Can-Do-Struggle Meal Challenge”, giving students a couple of periods to plan and create a shopping order. I conference with students to make sure they are meeting the criteria of the project.
  • Students prepare their food, recording video or taking pictures for their snapguide along the way to create their presentation.
  • After students prepare the food, they provide samples to the rest of the class to taste. This went over extremely well as student groups enjoyed listening to positive affirmations about their creations!


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