Grain Bowl E-Learning Assignment

THANK YOU to Nikki Heflin for sharing her Grain Bowl E-Learning Assignment! This is a wonderful collection of notes, assignments and lab options! I can’t express how happy it makes my heart that so many of you are willing to share your ideas so that we may all get through this distance learning together and successfully! As I always say, “Let’s be Great Together”! If you are collecting flex lessons, I hope you add this Grain Bowl E-Learning assignment to it!


  • Students begin by working through the Grain Bowls Slide Deck of notes where they explore the benefits of grain bowls, read articles about how to make grain bowls, learn the sequence of building them, including food options.


  • After viewing the Google Slides Presentation over Grain/Power Bowls, Niki asks students to build their own in alignment with the information learned. She asks them to be specific to the type of ingredients they are using. For example, do not just say “beans”, but “black beans” or kidney beans”, or “lettuce”, but “spinach” or “romaine” because she would like them to research some different types of ingredients. Overall, the grain bowls should be nutritious and healthy.
  • This assignment is taken one step further because extra credit is offered if students actually prepare their grain bowl at home.
  • First students must get parent permission and then if permission is granted, students create and prepare their grain bowl, filling out the Recipe Portfolio which is used to document their cooking experience.


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