Microwave Cooking E-Learning Assignment

The Microwave Cooking E-Learning assignment is an assignment I updated for my students so they could complete it digitally, in Google Classroom. This Microwave Cooking E-Learning assignment takes students through a variety of concepts related to microwave cooking such how the appliance works, the benefits of cooking this way, safety, standing time and demonstrations of microwave mug friendly recipes.


  • iPad or Laptop
  • Microwave
  • Microwave Safe Mug
  • Food for Mug Recipe(s)


  • Introduce the appliance and survey who has one and how it’s used.
  • View a video on How Microwave Ovens Work and summarize how it works compared to a conventional oven.
  • Students then use the internet to explore the benefits or advantages to cooking with microwaves.
  • What’s safe and what’s not when it comes to containers and converings? Students read an article titled, “Which Food Containers are Safe for the Microwave?”. Students use that information to sort a wordle of container and covering items.
  • Students define the term “standing time” and explain why it’s important.
  • After reading an article titled, “Microwave Do’s & Don’ts”, students read statements and decide if they are safe or not safe.
  • Finally, students view the YouTube video titled, “What are the Best 5 Mug Recipes You Can Make in Minutes?”. The video discusses the wattage in the microwave used to make the recipes and suggests that students know the wattage of their own microwaves and adjust time accordingly. Here is a website that explains how to determine the wattage of a microwave just in case they can’t easily find it on their own model.
  • The culmination of this Microwave Cooking: E-Learning assignment is for students to choose a mug friendly microwave recipe to try at home and share a selfie of them with their finished product along with the recipe they prepared. Recipes selected can be from the video viewed in the lesson or it can be from another source.
  • Thank you, Elaine Zeller for suggesting the Bigger Bolder Baking website for mug recipes that are safe and fun to make!


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