Building Strong Character in Children

Another big THANK YOU to Sharon Allen for sharing this Building Strong Character in Children remote learning assignment! The Building Strong Character in Children assignment is very similar to hyperdocs, where students move through each section, completing a variety of activities or assignments digitally. So, if you are in need of child development or parenting lessons, give this one a try!


  • The premise:  You are a new parent and want to be an “Engaged and Hands-On Parent.”  You’ve been around a number of children whose parents do not take an active role in their parenting and it shows–their kids do not respect themselves or others.  You are going to be ready and will spend time researching how a parent develops character in their child.


  • The assignment begins with learning vocabulary and definitions by creating flashcards in Quizlet.
  • Students then review an article, Character Development: Forming Positive Values in Children and write a summary.
  • Next, students research children’s books that help build character and curate a list of ten.
  • Students watch and listen to the story of the Little Red Hen and The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf, answering the prompts that follow.
  • After reading A Guide to the Moral Development of Preschoolers, students complete a 3-2-1 reflection.
  • Students then conduct a Google search curating a list of support groups that parents could turn to for help in building character in their children.
  • Since children often watch television and cartoons, students suggest programs that help build/promote character in children as well as those that do not, justifiing their selections.
  • As a culminating activity, students answer the prompt, “Building character in children is important, and parents and caregivers need to be intentional in doing so, because…..
  • Optional Extension Activity, “When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking” digital visual. Students create a visual in Google documents with symbols and pictures. It’s a great activity to use with any poem and can be created with construction paper and markers when using in the actual classroom. The instructions and sample can be found in the attachments below.


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