Reinforcing Family Concepts via Movies & One Pagers

To say that I’m a little obsessed with one-pagers would be an understatement! While worksheets are fine for assessing students on their knowledge of information, they don’t offer the creativity and engagement that one-pagers do. In this post I am sharing how I use “reinforcing family concepts via movies and one-pagers” as an alternative to a worksheet assignment. Two different program options are included just in case you don’t subscribe to Netflix.


Option #1: Simon Birch

  • This is one of my favorite movies when it comes to incorporating family information. The story is set in the 1960’s and is about two friends who have very different home lives. The story addresses family structures, family function, and family crises. You will experience the full gamut of emotions as you watch (tissue alert)! I like to show this one right before the holidays as the story culminates around Christmas. See the one pager that corresponds with this in the attachments below.
  • If you want to teach about the family structures, family functions and crisis information, check out the following links:
  • One-Pager Simon Birch sample:

Option #2: Happy Merry Whatever

  • This is a new (2019) series consisting of eight episodes (20 minutes each) available through Netflix. Depending on your class length, you will need to decide how many episodes you will view. If you have block classes, you can probably show it in two days. If you have shorter periods, you may have to decide on one or two episodes only. Either way the assignment will work!
  • The series covers strong family traits, along with a plethora of family issues. Issues addressed include divorce, family disagreements, breaking addictions, interracial dating, and many more. You will just have to watch and decide for yourself. The one-pager assignment can be found below in the attachment section
  • If you want to teach about strong family traits, see the Strong Family Traits Lesson Inspired by Duck Dynasty. I would just substitute this video/episode case study for the Duck Dynasty example and keep everything else the same.
  • One-Pager Merry Happy Whatever Example:


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