Plotagon Credit Card Scenarios

Scenarios are great tools to engage students! However, sometimes you have a group of students who love to role play and perform skits and other times you have groups that are as quiet as church mice. When that happens let Plotagon Story, a free animation app, come to your rescue. Sharing below how I incorporated it into a Take Charge Today credit card activity titled “What Would You Do?” into Plotagon credit card scenarios.


  • Teach the Take Charge Today’s Credit Card Basics lesson to introduce credit cards to your students. This is a free curriculum, but you must register and create an account in order to access.



  • One of the culmination activities within the Credit Card Basics lesson is a “What Would You Do?” scenario activity. Instead of students discussing the scenarios as a group, I randomly assigned each student a scenario to create dialogue around to show how to would handle the problem.
  • To create the dialogue and make the scenario come to life, students had to use the Plotagon Story App. Once downloaded, they set up their account.
  • Students referenced the rubric as they worked so they were sure to include all of the required criteria. I provided a couple of class periods for work to be completed because not all of our students have technology at home.
  • Once the digital scenarios are completed, we watch them in class. This gives us an opportunity to share as a class and offer feedback or additional suggestions.


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