Food Safety Actions: Breakout Notes Activity

I think I love breakout activities almost as much as my students do! So, I thought I’d try my hand at another one, using it as a way for students to acquire their notes regarding food safety actions.  In this breakout, students must put the puzzles together that form their notes, complete the notes form and scan for a number to help them eventually open their box.  In this breakout, only one box per group is used and within it contains a scenarios activity that utilizes the notes students just spent time obtaining.  The boxes also contain a small treat that students may eat while completing their scenario assignment. How do you use breakouts in the classroom?  I’d love to hear your ideas, so please share in the comments section below!


  • I ask students if they know what the letters FBI stand for.  Most tell me it stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and while they are correct, I let them know that it also stands for a term that is important for them to be aware of when it comes to food safety; Food Borne Illness.
  • I briefly go over some “Did You Know?” food safety background information such as who is most affected, stats and common food borne illnesses.


  • Laptop or iPad
  • Projector & Screen
  • Student Devices for Scanning QR Codes
  • Manila Envelopes for Cut Up Food Safety Action Cards (1 per group)
  • Small Breakout Boxes (1 per group)–I got mine from the Dollar Store
  • Combination # Locks (1 per group)–I got a set from Amazon
  • Prize Treats (1 per person in group)–I use Tootsie Roll Pops


Note:  You will need to set up the breakout boxes and envelopes ahead of time.  The food safety actions must be cut apart, into four quadrants, mixed up and then placed in a manila envelope ( one per group). The breakout boxes (one per group) must contain an assignment sheet and prize treat (one per person) and then be locked with a combination number lock.

  • Divide students into small groups of 3-4 if possible.  Assign each person a notes form and an envelope containing all of the food safety action notes cut into four quadrants (mixed up, of course).
  • Students must put the quadrants/puzzles together and if correct, when they scan the QR Code will yield them a number.  Students complete the notes on that safety action on their notes form and continue putting together the remaining pieces.
  • Once all puzzles have been put together, scanned and notes completed, students must think alphabetically to figure out the code to open their breakout box.  If successful, they will find a small prize treat and a copy of a “Food Safety Actions Scenarios” assignment (one per person).  Students must use their food safety notes to complete this assignment and then turn it in for a grade. I allow students to eat their treats while they work on the scenarios assignment.
  • Following this activity, I assign the FBI ANIMOTO Project using the ANIMOTO App.  The App is available on both Apple devices and Android devices.  If you only have access to laptops, you will need to make a teacher account on the website in order to access the longer versions of ANIMOTO. Otherwise, your students will only be able to make 30 second videos.


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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at Free Digital Images



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