More Newborn How-to Stations Using QR Codes

In need of more stations to accommodate her large class, Megan Piechowski of Centennial High School,id-100268106 Circle Pines, Minnesota developed additional activities with new topics to use with the newborn care lesson.  The new topics are in keeping with the original lesson which includes the use of technology via QR Codes.  Many thanks to Megan for graciously sharing her newly created materials!

See the original Newborn How-to Stations Using QR Codes for set, materials and activities.

Additional Materials

  • Bottles
  • Baby Clothes to fit Real Care Babies
  • Carseat & Base

Addition Stations 

  • How to Bottle Feed a Baby
  • How to Calm a Colicky Baby
  • How to Dress a Baby
  • How to Install a Car Seat


Image Courtesy of patrisyu of Free Digital Photos


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