Newborn How-to Stations Using QR Codes

Many teachers are encouraged to incorporate various forms of technology into their lesson plans.  QR Codes (Quick Happy.BabyResponse Codes) are everywhere…magazines, promotions, informational brochures, and even advertisements, so why not make them part of your classroom?  QR Codes are like bar codes linked to hidden messages, websites or videos.  I’ve been wanting to use these for awhile, but just didn’t know what I wanted to do with them.  As I was updating my Child Development curriculum and lesson plans, I figured out the perfect way to use them in my Newborn Care unit.  Read below to see how I am using QR Codes within this lesson/activity.  Please share how you use QR Codes in your class room in the comment section below or shoot me an email with your attachments at


  • Ask students what they need to know how to do when caring for a newborn and list them on the board.  You may get answers such as diaper changing, bathing, dressing, how to feed, burp, make formula, swaddle, calm them, get them to sleep, deal with colic, install a car seat, etc.


  • Electronic Devices (Smart Phones, iPhones, iPads,Tablets)
  • QR Code Reader
  • Real Care or Other Baby Dolls & Blankets (optional)


  • Set up stations around the room with QR Codes and activity sheets.  Stations include how to change a diaper, how to burp a baby, how to give a baby a bath and how to swaddle and calm a newborn.  As you can see from the above list, there are other stations you could include.  I didn’t want to overwhelm my students so I kept it to the basics.
  • Randomly assign students into small groups so there is at least one device that can read the codes if you are not a 1:1 classroom.
  • Students will scan the code, view the video and complete the notes/questions or activities.
  • After completing all of the stations, go over the information, discuss anything students are not sure about and then complete the review or assessment (your choice) using the information they just learned.


Resources (See Update Below)

UPDATE:  The Video used for the original Diaper Station has changed.  Below, you will find new questions, with a new QR Code linked to a new video.

Digital Versions-Thank you Syndia Coursen

Picture Courtesy of imagerymajestic at Free Digital Photos

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