Birthday Party Project

There are times throughout the year that I need some “filler” activities due to testing schedules, the loss of seniors partybecause of graduation, etc.  I don’t want to give my students free periods so I came up with a practical, creative project of planning a child’s birthday party.  Originally this project was designed for my child development class as a team building activity but it could be used in a family unit as well.  While this project is just about planning a party and the concepts that go with it, and fit into my time frame, you could easily adapt this project and make it relate to budgeting by giving students price limits or even make it a competition and incorporate a “cupcake wars” style approach. Either way students enjoy planning parties!

PA Standards

  • 11.2.9 C Assess the effectiveness of the use of teamwork and leadership skills in accomplishing the work of the family.
  • 11.4.12 D Analyze plans and methods to blend work and family responsibilities to meet the needs of children.


  • Ask to students to think back on their childhood birthday parties.  What fun ways did you celebrate?  Who did you invite?  What did you eat?  Was there a theme to your parties?  If so, what were they?


  • Laptops
  • Poster Supplies
  • Encourage students to bring in leftover party supplies if possible


  • Assign students to teams and have them choose a young child’s birthday party theme.
  • Students then design/create party invitations around the chosen theme along with theme and age appropriate games.
  • Finally students choose a theme, age appropriate and nutritious menu to be served at this party.
  • Now students must pull all of this together by creating a visual display of their ideas.  The visual can be a poster, 3-D Gift Box, Mobile or Display Board.
  • When finished, students will orally share their Party Project with the class. Students may bring in food samples and are required to play one of their games with the class.  Students vote on their favorite theme at the end.





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