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MyPlate Fairy Tale Flip Books for Children using Flip Snack

The goal of this assignment was for students to write a story or fairy tale that encouraged young children to eat all of the food groups on MyPlate. I really wanted this to be student driven so I introduced the project, shared an example and let the creativity flow. My role was to walk around, monitor progress, address any technology issues and answer questions as they came up. It was kind of like a flipped classroom, although I’ve never technically done this. Anyway, the results were very impressive and students were highly engaged for the entire project!


Genetically Modified Foods, known as GMO’s, are foods that have had their genes altered through science or genetic engineering, which is monitored through the EPA, the FDA and the USDA. Did you know that many of the foods found in our grocery stores contain at least one ingredient that has been genetically modified? Should we be informed as consumers when this process is affecting the foods we eat? Should genetically modified foods be labeled? There is a huge debate surrounding this dispute. How do your students weigh in on this topic?

Interactive Notebooks

Serina wrote in asking if I had any resources for family consumer science interactive notebooks. Unfortunately a typical google search doesn’t produce anything but interactive notebook materials for science, English, and history classes. However, Interactive Notebooks are a great fit for Family and Consumer Science classes!

You be the Nutritionist: Food Aliments

Become a nutritionist for a day! This lesson has students to becoming a dietician for a day. They write an analysis of a particular client’s dietary related aliment as well as plan a week long menu for that client. Client’s aliments include diverticulitis, celiac disease, Prader-Willi syndrome, dairy allergy, lactose in tolerance, emotional eating, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. This is a case study based assignment.

Fad Diet Project

It seems like every few months a new diet is proposed that is supposed to “really work,” unlike those other diets. This lesson is intended to provoke class discussion, emphasize critical thinking, and allow students to practice their ability to make and defend an opinion.

Penzu- Have your Students Journal Online

Cross “journal” off your list of school supplies -the world’s going paperless and so should you and your classroom! The newest way to journal is online. Online journaling has been around for a while but Penzu is a little different…

Life Long Learning Book Report

This project is a part of a high school senior life skills class. I explain to the students that after high school it is really up to them to engage in learning on their own. No one is going to spoon feed them. One of the ways adults learn is by reading books on subjects that they need to work on or learn more about.