Interactive Notebooks

What is an Interactive Notebook?

  • An interactive student notebook includes class notes, drawings, diagrams, timelines, class work, opinions, reactions, and homework.  In a nutshell, the notebook becomes the student’s personalized [insert subject matter] text.
  • If you do a simple Google search you will find that History, Science, and Language Arts classes use this concept the most but there is no reason that Family Consumer Science courses couldn’t do the same!
  • Interactive Student Notebooks  PPT

Why are Interactive Notebooks so special?

  • Interactive notebooks are special because they require students to process information for themselves. They way this is done is that on the left side a of a notebook there are class notes, quizzes, handouts, etc. On the right side of the notebook there are student generated content such as pictures, advertisements that fit the theme, cartoons, reactions, responses, questions, etc.
  • Notebooks are graded, keep students engaged and require students to process the content in content heavy courses.
  • When students are absent, the teacher keeps his/her own notebook for classroom reference so that students who are absent can see what was done while they were out.

Interactive Pages

Do you have your students make an interactive notebook? Leave your response in the comments below!

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