MyPlate Fairy Tale Flip Books for Children using Flip Snack

The goal of this assignment was for students to write a story or fairy tale that encouraged young children toMyPlate.Fairy.Tale eat all of the food groups on MyPlate.  I really wanted this to be student driven so I introduced the project, shared an example and let the creativity flow. My role was to walk around, monitor progress, address any technology issues and answer questions as they came up. It was kind of like a flipped classroom, although I’ve never technically done this.  Anyway, the results were very impressive and students were highly engaged for the entire project!


  • Introduce the project and read an example of a rewritten fairy tale incorporating MyPlate found here.


  • Laptops


  • Students will use the USDA Choose My Plate website to learn about the MyPlate requirements for young children (toddlers/preschoolers).  You will find this information at the Choose MyPlate website.
  • Once students have the requirements and food examples they begin writing their story in a portrait style power point.  Students need to refer to the rubric for specific details and criteria that need to be included.
  • After the story is complete and saved as a PDF file, it is uploaded to Flip Snack an interactive flipbook.  Students then share it on a Pinterest board made specifically for our class.
  • Students then go in and read each others stories, peer evaluating for rubric criteria, and commenting on them as part of their grade.  Be sure that all books are evaluated and commented on–you may have to randomly assign books/groups to students so that all are stories are read equally.



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