Category: Foods & Nutrition

Blooming Onion Lab

I originally starting doing this lab after a student suggested that we make blooming onions like the ones that they serve at Outback Steak House. I enjoy trying to recreate foods that are sold to consumers so I took on the challenge. In this case a recipe already existed online for Outback’s version so I tried it and my students approved!

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Food Network Cake Project

Food Network is very popular among my students so I decided to have them create their own show! I specifically have them demonstrate how to make a cake in front of the class but this idea can be tailored to any unit that lends itself to student demonstrations.

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Cannoli Lab

Given a basic knowledge of how to make homemade pasta and how to deep fry, students will synthesize these methods to create cannolis. This recipe is one that I created after much experimenting due to a “zero tolerance” alcohol policy that does not allow us to use any form of alcohol in our recipes. That being said, the shells taste good but may not taste as authentic as one might like. My goal was for the students to be able to learn the process more than the taste.

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