Author: M.Sandoval

Homemade Hotdog Buns

School is wrapping up and I’m sure if you’re like most of us you have several end of the year class or faculty picnics to attend. Chances are, hot dogs and hamburgers will be served at these events. Ever thought about having your culinary students make homemade buns for these events? What a great way to get a lesson sponsored!

Technology & Toddlers Activity

It’s hard to escape the children’s toy lesson without addressing the prevalence of Apps for Smart phones and tablets as the new toys for toddlers. Give it just a couple of years and this lesson will be obsolete as the students you’ll be teaching grew up playing more with Apps than physical toys and they will have no idea why that may be a problem. Regardless of your bias, we need to teach tomorrow’s child care workers & parents how to evaluate Apps that are good for children from the ones that are fluff.

Poultry Unit: Cutting up a Whole Chicken & Frying it

High school students can be know-it-alls especially those who cook at home. However, this lab seems to keep everyone interested as it is rare to find a student, or a cook for that matter, that actually knows how to butcher a chicken. Of course some students are resistant to having to touch a raw chicken however with the right student pairing I’ve had luck keeping everyone engaged.

Easter Edible Rice Krispie Scenes

Have some fun with Rice Krispie treats this Easter by using their mold-able properties to create an Easter scene. Create religious scenes or Easter bunny, spring theme scenes. Let your imagination roll.

Fruit Lab

One of my favorite things to do with students are taste tests. They absolutely love it if they are brave enough to give it a try. So many students never get the chance to try different fruits unless their parents expose them to them. Bring on this lesson that will be sure to be some students’ favorite.

Blue Chips Appetizer Recipe

Just in time for the Superbowl, this super easy appetizer is not only delicious, but a crowd pleaser too! The idea came from a local restaurant that serves something similar as an appetizer, however they make their own potato chips instead of using waffle fries. That’s definitely an option for the ambitious cook who wants to mess with a deep fryer on Superbowl Sunday.

Tourism & Hospitality Lesson Plans, Worksheets, & PowerPoints

Lesson Plans Tourism & South Africa Tourism Lesson Widgets Worksheets Categories of Tourism PowerPoint Assignment (Word) PowerPoint Management Structures in Tourism (PPT) Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism (PPT) Tourism & Sustainability (PPT) USA Tourism (PPT) Tourism in India (PPT) Environmental…

Diaper Cost Analysis Project

What is the cheapest way to buy diapers? Do subscriptions to Amazon Prime or memberships to wholesale clubs really save you money on diapers? Why not do the math? This is a complex problem but easy enough to understand and develops student’s problem solving skills.