Author: M.Sandoval

The Life of a T-Shirt: NPR Planet Money Inspired Lesson

I don’t know about your experience but in mine I’ve found that  high schoolers tend to think they know everything. So I just LOVE to teach lessons that make them unusually quiet, sitting on the edge of their seats soaking…

The Future of Fabrics

In case you’ve missed it, here are a few of the up and coming technologies in the fiber and fabrics world. Use these clips, lectures,  and articles as introductions or fillers with your other lessons. Spider Silk: stronger than steel…

Pinata Christmas Cookies

Making Christmas cookies is fun but always challenging to find new, fresh ideas from the traditional basics. Pinata cookies are cookies that have candies in the center (like a pinata) that are not baked with the candy in the center…

Thanksgiving Lessons, Worksheets, PowerPoints

Here are a few holiday ideas to either help your department raise money, fit in some extra holiday excitement, or comply with a half day schedule. Happy Thanksgiving!

Extreme Lesson Plan Make Over: Leavening Agents

Christine, a family and consumer science teacher from New Jersey submitted her leavening agents lesson plan for a makeover. This is what she said about it, “I love that I am attempting to show show the students the food science…

Healthy Living Infographic

Tired of posters or PowerPoint presentations? This activity allows students to create their own infographic based on statistics and facts found on the Centers for Disease Control. An infographic is a visual way to represent facts and information. There are a few free sites that have templates to create infographics quickly. This mini project allows students to practice using data and creating graphs.

Snacks for Kids Cookbook Project

Have you ever noticed that kids love foods that look like things they recognize like animals, bugs, toys, people, etc.? It is fun to create cute snacks that kids like and that are safe and healthy for them too!  For…

Energy Bar Comparison

With the plethora of sports enhancing food items available, how does one know what to choose? Student athletes often use performance enhancing food products and often don’t know what they are really eating. This lesson helps students think critically about what performance enhancing products contain and their true nutritional value.

Internships Lesson

It is common to teach high school and college students about how to interview for jobs, how to fill out resumes and how to get a degree in line with their passion. It is not very common to teach students how to succeed on their very first internship. Not all interns are created equal. There are key differentiating factors. This lesson aims to teach students how to have a meaningful internship experience. This lesson can also be geared to students who are getting their first job.

Chobani Flip Muffins

Chobani and Muller have both come out with these fascinatingly delicious yogurt cups that have a side container of various toppings. These are not only great to eat but also an easy way to make unique muffins in a snap without having to buy lots of extra ingredients.