Potato Lab

This lesson is all about cooking potatoes four different ways–broiled, fried, mashed, and skins. Each lab group cooks up a russet potato and a sweet potato. This lesson includes potato lab questions to do during the down time using Food for Today textbook.

Time Frame: 1 block


  • 8.5.2. Demonstrate professional skill for a variety of cooking methods including roasting, broiling, smoking, grilling, sauteing, pan frying, deep frying, braising, stewing, poaching, steaming, and baking using professional equipment and current technologies.



  • Break students into four lab groups. Each lab group will cook a russet potato and a sweet potato using a certain method. While students are waiting for their potato to cook or after they are finished they are to work on completing their potato lab worksheet using the text book.
  • The whole class will taste test each of the different labs potato dishes. Have students portion their potatoes so there is enough for everyone to have a taste.


For something super old fashioned and extremely different have your students make potato candy. It is super easy and has its roots in the depression era so its good for a little history lesson to boot. Potato Candy This could also be an extra credit assignment.


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