Kitchen Safety Categories & Activities

When teaching basic kitchen skills, one of the first lessons I teach is kitchen safety. To me, kitchen safety is primarily about common sense so I don’t spend a ton of time on it, but emphasize it frequently throughout the course and labs. The “Kitchen Safety Categories & Activities” is one that can be used in both a digital drag & drop style or hand’s on cut & paste style depending on your situation.


  • Begin with the slide deck titled, “Kitchen Safety Overview”. Work through each slide, encouraging students to talk about their own personal kitchen hazards. For some reason, students really get into sharing their accident stories…not sure if it’s for shock value or not, but they do love to talk about them!
  • Then go over the safety hazard categories and have them, once again, share the category(ies) that their hazard represented.
  • To be sure they can apply the categories, show them the YouTube video titled, “Men in the Kitchen” and have them identify the categories they see illustrated. Note: I do preface this video by letting the males in class know that I’m not singling them out and these accidents can happen to ANYONE! I’ve never had anyone be offended.


  • Projector & Screen
  • iPad or Laptop (optional–depends on activity version selected)
  • Scissors & Glue Sticks (optional–depends on activity version selected)


  • After the intro activities, I spend a little time going over the more common kitchen safety tips. These are mostly common sense, but do represent those that I’ve seen occur or have read about over the years.
  • Once the safety tips have been reviewed, students participate in the Picture Analysis. I project the kitchen hazard image on the screen and give students paper. They must write down all the hazards they see.
  • After writing down all of the hazards, students annotate their list using the symbols listed on the instruction slide.
  • We go over this one in class to be sure everyone understands the hazards and categories.
  • Finally, students are given the “Kitchen Hazards” assignment as a graded assessment. There are two versions depending on how you wish to assign this. The first version is a digital “drop & drag” where students simply drag the response blocks into the correct column for each hazard. The second version is the same assignment only the documents are printed out and students must cut and paste the correct answers into the appropriate columns.
  • Optional: Sometimes, I go one step further and have students annotate their responses by safety category. They simply add the symbol beside each hazard location/description. This part can be graded or for bonus points….your call!


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