Wordle Wednesday

Wordle is all the craze! It is a web-based word game that has people of all ages hooked and challenged on a daily basis…that is, of course, if you play! Earlier this year my students asked me to do more activities that promoted soft skills, especially those that encouraged them to be social and to be leaders. What better way to accomplish this than to do “Wordle Wednesday” in class where each week one of them is in charge of coming up with a class related word and running the show!


  • Students sign up or you can assign them for a specific week.
  • Go over the rules for anyone unfamiliar to the game. I also did a random sample game with them to demo how it would work in class.
  • In my class, the word must relate to the course. I specifically use this in my Career & Consumer Sciences class so words relate to adulting, careers and financial literacy. I did generate a list of words that I will attach below and add to it regularly.
  • On Wednesday, the student in charge sees me at the beginning of the period to set up the game using the Flippity Word Master template. The student types their word into the template and generates the Wordle Board which is then displayed on the screen.
  • The student in charge calls on a student to select the first word. Flippity does the work and turns the letter blocks to yellow if the letter is correct, but in the wrong space or green if it’s in the right spot. If the letter turns a light grey, then it is not in the word. When students set this up, even I don’t know what it is so it’s fun to watch it unfold.
  • Students have six attempts to guess the word the leader has created. So far my students have guessed all of the word correctly even if it has come down to the final round!


  • The game takes at most ten minutes. In that time students are excited, engaged, thinking, problem solving, taking charge and getting more comfortable with talking and leading a group activity. How cool is that?
  • If you don’t have access to the technology to run the game digitally, you can easily recreate the template on your board and do it by hand.
  • I do allow words with double letters like “lease” as they apply to our class content. Your call on whether you allow this or not.
  • While I do keep this content specific and use this in my Career Class, it would be easy to do in other classes as well, especially a food and nutrition class.


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