Paycheck Stations

Paycheck Stations is a digital activity created while we were remote last year to help students get a better understanding of the concepts asssociated with earning a paycheck. However, the materials associated with each of the paycheck stations can easily be printed and placed at actual stations within your room for completion. It’s a great way to get students engaged and moving!


  • Most students are familiar with the concept that paychecks are earned by people working a job whether it be full time or part time work. But they don’t always understand what all of the info on the paystub actually means and where some of their “hard earned” dollars are going.
  • Introduce the “Paycheck Stations” activity to students. Obviously, if you are remote, students will just click through the slidedeck and resources to complete the activities. If you are in class, in-person, set up your room so the stations and materials are spread out. Students will move from station to station, completing the activities as they go, utilizing their iPads or laptops when necessary.


  • iPads or Laptops
  • Projector & Screen (optional)

Station Activities

  • Station #1: Students learn their terms via Quizlet, practicing vocabulary associated with paychecks.
  • Station #2: Students learn about the necessary tax forms associated with receiving a paycheck.
  • Station #3: Students explore the various payment methods and pay periods associated with how and when they might get their paycheck.
  • Station #4: Because reading and understanding a pay stub can be a little confusing, students learn what it all means.
  • Station #5: Finally, students put it all together, completing some paycheck assignments from Take Charge Today, a website full of free resources pertaining to financial literacy. All you have to do to access their materials is sign up!


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