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Does your school or state require you to do a Danielson Framework project as part of your evaluation? Or are you required to participate in a professional learning community? If you can answer “yes” to either of those questions, you may be interested in leading a book study around the book titled, “The Secret History of Home Economics” by Danielle Dreilinger like Ellen Bolton and Sue Kinney did with members of the PAFACS organization. Read on to see how this was accomplished.



  • Ellen Bolton and Sue Kinney, PA FACS instructors, read the book and thought it would be an excellent fit as a project for a Danielson evaluation.
  • After discussing it with her colleague and administration, they decided to form a professional learning community and offer the book study to other interested FACS teachers within the Pennsylvania Family & Consumer Sciences organization.
  • Because the organization is state wide, Ellen and Sue decided to offer it via a monthly Zoom meeting for six months. This would give each participant time to read the necessary chapters and prepare for discussion.
  • Each Zoom meeting centered around the assigned chapter and specific questions. Ellen and Sue stated that some sessions took more time than others due to the depth of discussion.
  • For more information about this book and author, check out Danielle Dreilinger’s website. Discussion questions can be found under the EXTRA tab, but I will also post them below.


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